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The policy of CNSCA (Chinese National Standard Certification& Accreditation Association) is to provide information to the world of how ISO is promoting in the world, and to accommodate to WTO’s TBT( Technical Barriers to Trade) agreement. CNSCA is a non-profit organization for research, development  and promotion the international standard;  introduces and communicates with certification body and accreditation board. 

CNSCA on one hand, provides assistance to industry to acquire ISO certificates and promotes it through internet, on the other hand, CNSCA introduced ISO to all members and industry, adjusted the national standards to Country standards. This will help elevate the industry level  in the world and also provide protection for consumers. 

CSNCA has established the following committees to meet with the objectives:

1. Organic Food Standard Committee (CAC/GL32/1999)

2. Food Packing Certificate Committee (BRC/IOP Packing Standard)

3. Gems & Jewelry and Arts Appraisal Standard Committee ( F.G.A and GIA)

4. Retail Business Standard Committee (BRC)

5. Certification Committee ( ISO Guide )

6. Medical  Service Committee

7. Industry Engineering Standard Committee  

8. ITSM & ITIL Standard Committee


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The CNSCA is the Executive Asia Representative of Best ISO Group, for further information and questions, please contact with CNSCA.



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